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After Irma, Miami Beach is Back in Business. No Rebuilding Necessary.


After our brush with Hurricane Irma, Miami Beach, its neighbors and South of Fifth businesses and residents are returning to some kind of normalcy. Usually, after any disaster, there are periods and surges of investment in rebuilding, but since our state was spared the brunt of the storm, the city can only look forward to more economic stability as we strengthen our infrastructure and building standards.  For now, no rebuilding is required in the South of Fifth, power has been restored to a majority of areas and cleanup efforts have been swift, our tourists, visitors, and residents can once again enjoy our beaches and South of Fifth restaurants for the upcoming Winter season.  Most of our luxury condos in the South of Fifth such as Apogee Miami Beach, Murano at Portofino, Continuum South Beach condos and much more withstood the storm and were not damaged in any way.

The real estate market remains stable as many of our luxury highrises and island homes stood up well during the storm, proving once again that building quality and standards are top-notch. For some experts, this means, buyers will likely have to accept the price increases that will come with newer homes and newer condo buildings that have safety measures such as hurricane impact windows and those that are built at a higher elevation to avoid flooding. Although the weather can be unpredictable, the city of Miami Beach has ensured that our residents are as safe as possible. Despite the storms, rough seas and threat of flooding, the city continues or are in planning stages to make improvements to infrastructure that will continue to stand up against mother nature for years to come. The goal is not to grow or build, but to build for impact in a way that is sustainable.  People love Florida for many reasons, especially the coveted South of Fifth Miami Beach neighborhood and despite having a few months of hurricane season, the city of Miami and Miami Beach are still the best International destination for tourists, investors, and its residents.

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